Top 10 Richest Women in the World


Elizabeth Holmes

In the year 2002, Elizabeth Holmes started studying at Stanford University the art of chemistry. She later used the money that her parents had saved for her education, to establish a company named Real-Time Cures in the city of Palo Alto. Later, she changed the company’s name to Theranos. At first, she worked out of a basement of a house. One semester later, she dropped out of school to pursue her business career full-time; she wrote a patent on a wearable patch for conducting tests. Her Professor served as a Director of the company.
Over the next decade, the company grew and grew, raising a whopping amount of $400 million. During its first years, Theranos operated under the radar, remaining highly secretive to avoid waking up potential competitors.

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By 2014, her offered 200 tests and had 500 employees. The company is valued at more than $8 billion.

Holmes currently has 18 US patents and 66 non-US patents under her name. Holmes is the youngest self-made woman billionaire in the world, where she her personal net worth is an estimated $4.5 billion.