Top 10 Richest Women in the World


Donatella Versace

You may recognize this name, as being one of the biggest fashion designers in the world. It was actually Donatella’s older brother, Gianni, who set up the first Versace fashion business in the family, before she was given her own label to work with. Unfortunately, Gianni passed away in 1997 and Donatella was made Vice-President and chief designer of the Versace group. Her incredible business mind and eye for fashion has ensured she has a rather tasty net work of $200 million. She could have had more, however she gave her daughter 50% whilst her other brother owns 20%.

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Other business ventures for Donatella include a luxury five star hotel chain and a jewelery collection, she also once dabbled in designing cars for MINI Cooper.

Versace is certainly a brand that people know and love, which means this rich lady will probably always be rolling in it, whatever she does.