10 Eyes That Make You Rethink Contacts

Most people wear contact lenses in order to be able to see better. Other people, however, wear them as a fashion accessory. Whether you want to creep someone out with spooky eyeballs or want to make a fashion statement with sparkly eyes, then there are contact lenses on the market for you. There are also contact lenses that have a purpose, such as reducing glare on the road for cyclists or to be used as the future of augmented reality! Imagine playing a game that takes place inside your eye, sounds like the future is here.

These are the strangest contact lenses in the world:

Dior Eyes

Christian Dior contact lenses?? Those of you who are obsessed with following the latest fashion should really check out the Dior Eyes contact lenses. Created by the eccentric designer, John Galliano, who is renowned for creating unique pieces for Dior, these are a must-have for any fashionista.

The chic contact lenses can be purchased in black or gold and are designed to encircle the eyes. Of course, there is also the distinctive CD logo on the iris too, so you can show off to your friends about how designer your contact lenses are.

Even the case they come in is rather impressive and certainly beats whatever you held your lenses in before.