10 Celebs Who Made Themselves Ugly For A Movie

Being an actor or actress can be difficult when it comes to changing completely for a role. Some celebrities have had to put on weight, lose weight, chop off all their hair, and plenty more in order to look right for a part in a movie. However, some celebrities have had to go even further and actually make themselves completely ugly for a movie. We have found the top 10 of the hottest celebs who made themselves ugly, just for a role in a film.

Charlize Theron

There’s no denying that Charlize Theron is pretty hot, which is what made it even more shocking when we saw her in the 2004 film, Monster. According to reports she had to gain 30 pounds, wear fake teeth and go through hours of make up in order to play Aileen in the movie. Charlize admitted she didn’t want to just wear a fat suit and go through hours of prosthetics to play the character, she wanted to make sure she looked and felt like her too.

Charlize realized pretty early on that Aileen didn’t like herself or her body, so she wanted to make sure she experienced the same things. She apparently ate a ton of potato chips in order to put on the weight, whilst trying to transform into the character through mind and body. It definitely paid off for Charlize, however, as she won an Oscar for her role in the film.

We have to say, we didn’t even recognize her for the first half hour of Monster!